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I blog anonymously for two reasons.

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I have a number of family members who would beg for money if they knew. Blogging anonymously allows me to share more with you. If you know any well-known bloggers in the FI community, have them contact me.

30 Dumbest Arguments You Have with Your Spouse | Best Life

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The Jedi Council’s 9 Dumbest Decisions

Hobo Millionaire. Life Money. How bad can it be? John C. Financial mistakes are dumb now. I read a few of your posts and was shocked and amazed at how much money you spend on female relatives. Why exactly do you pay for your mother-in-law's debt? And why do you hand your wife so much cash when she clearly has a spending problem?

Sin City has never been the same…

This is not meant as an offense, I'm just curious why you'd do those things. One more point: what kind of protection where you using when the accident happened? Best of luck to you man and thanks for educating younger folks like me! Thanks for reading and I'm glad you're getting something out of this blog. If you haven't been around the net learning about this, it's a pretty common form of spermjacking for a woman to pretend to be on the pill to entrap her boyfriend. Never trust a woman who says she's on the pill; either wrap it up, get a vasectomy, or abstain if you don't want to be enslaved for the next two decades.

Now that it's done, the entire extended family is debt free and doesn't need to worry about creditors or the government coming after us. Insurance, supporting my mother-in-law, those kinds of things that I wouldn't have bothered with if I didn't marry. Thanks for the concern; I know you were posting to convince me to lessen the money I give to my wife, so rest assured that's been done. Thanks for you reply, I really appreciate it. It was in fact my initial thought that you got trapped this way and it is one of my main concerns that I voice towards good friends.

The law and the ruthlessness of women knows no boundaries.

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That said, even though I'm end 20's I stay abstinent and can't complain. If that is the price for freedom, I'll pay it happily. Again, best of look to you mate!

Tell them it's from dorothy Yup, thanks again for your blog, it is greatly appreciated. Knowledge about the reality of marriage is hard to come by. But the internet and blogs like yours educate young men about the truth of what misery marriage can inflict on a man. Men give up and sacrifice a lot when they get married less freedom, more responsibilities, obligations, debts, liabilities, stress and worries.

Women seem to gain all of the benefits and advantages a provider, more income and benefits like his pension and health insurance access , and protector.

John Terry: The Chelsea Captain's 10 Stupidest Acts

Even if they divorce, the wife wins again, so the whole idea of marriage is a win-win proposition for the women, even if it fails. Married men must sacrifice, often immensely, to make their wives happy. Young men are socially conditioned by family, society, religion and culture to desire marriage and view it as bliss. Blogs like yours help people understand that not getting marriage and staying single is ok, and even better and healthier for a man in fact. Also, a man doesn't need to be married to have kids, if that is what they want.

I hope your situation improves and you do better. Your priority is your son which is good and I understand. I will continue to read your blog, so please keep us updated. You seem like a decent, interesting guy to make friends with and have a beer with.

The Dumbest Criticisms of ENDA

All true. My son will never hear from me about how he needs to get married, and though I respect his freedom to make his own choices, I'm going to hammer him hard on not marrying from high school on. I've read through that whole thing, and like the Wordpress site linked above, couldn't stop reading to the end. Truly powerful stuff that every man should read not only before marrying, but when he's old enough to want to start dating.

Thanks for sharing some more reading material. For those individuals who are married, it's wonderful. Men and women ought to decide whether or not to get hitched. I've seen the male potential video many, many times, and it's spot on, thanks a lot. As for the dontmarry site, I linked it above as the site that opened my eyes, so again, thanks much for linking it. If that site couldn't do it, I would have been hopeless. If I had a nickel for every time a married friend told me they had to check with their wife for permission to do something or buy something, I would be very rich.

And they say this stuff with pride, like their proud of their servitude to their wives. But as far as I can tell, their wives never ask for permission for doing the same things and they do whatever they want. Whenever I think I'm missing something in life by not being married, I reread The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar or The Predatory Female by Lawrence Shannon - that clears up any doubts about my decision to remain single real quick, and just affirms I made the right decision. If you only know what women in general are!

Egotism, vanity, silliness, triviality in everything. It's like a beacon of truth in the darkest night for men that want to remain single, free, happy and sane. Thanks for your words and for reading. They wouldn't have to deal with any of that at all, or any other baggage of its sort, if they avoided marriage in the first place. Aside from transitory and meaningless social approval, what good do these men think they're accomplishing by caving to the little tyrant in their house?

Do not get married! Warning to single guys! Men have to make themselves miserable in order to make their wives happy. Men sacrifice a lot in their lives to be married.